Thursday, January 13, 2011


And on to post #2! :D

My ideal job when I am done with my education here would be some sort of graphic design in both print and web focusing on advertising and commercial branding.  I’ve kind of been there already so I now have an understanding of where my schooling needs to focus.  The salary estimates off of the Creative Group’s Salary Guide for a beginning position in related graphic design average around $42500 on the low end to $62000 on the higher end.  I had been making about $20800 at $10/hour fulltime; that was my limit of what I needed to survive with while sharing an apartment, and way less than I should have been paid for the amount and variety of work I did.  Now I will be looking for something a little more worth my time and education, aiming for $45000 to start with.

When it comes to programming vs design I definitely lean more towards design without much of a mind for programming.  I want to learn web design and html/flash/etc, but don’t plan on venturing towards game design.  I do prefer doing most of the work on my own but have no problem working with others and sometimes it’s really nice to be able to share the load.  If I can wing it, I want to work in an agency or corporate environment, where the work is steady (presumably).  If not, I’ll go freelance on the side of something better paying until I get my name out there and can live off freelance alone.  We can all dream right?

So there you have it.  Did I miss anything?



  1. Thats Great! We always need designers in the world! By the way Sweet picture!

  2. Look interesting to show your eye's picture on the blog.