Friday, January 21, 2011


For the fifth and final post on this segment we are to reflect on what we've learned about ourselves and working style, if our interests have changed based on what we've found.

Over all, I'd say I didn't learn a whole lot new about me or my working styles, though it did help to reinforce my view of things and improve my heading a little better.  I came into this school with a basic understanding of where I had been, where I was headed and what I'm lacking. I did learn that the field I am heading into is steadily on the rise, though a bit competitive. Once I get the basics down and build up a strong portfolio I should have no problem getting my toe in somewhere.

I can't say that my interests have changed much as of yet based solely on this project. Maybe further down the road as I get into more classes and build up the skills I do not yet have and figure out where my strengths lie there could be more of an influence in a different direction. I might actually like the more technical side such as html. o.O

This has been me in a nutshell so to speak, or at least where my schooling and career interests lie.

The following photo, as well as all the photos so far in my blog, was taken by me. I haven't been citing my sources so far for any of them but I think everyone has pretty much figured it out so far.

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  1. Wonderful post. Lovely picture by the way. I hope you achieve your goals.