Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Next on the list - Regarding the movie Helvetica

Personally, I don't think Helvetica is that bad of a type face.  It's a nice no nonsense font, and has it's place with certain projects.  Though in light of it's over use, those projects may be limited.
I can't recall the name of my favorite graphic designer from the movie, but she's the one that associated Helvetica with the Vietnam war.  Her ideas and personality just caught my eye, and may have seemed a bit familiar.

A rather interesting film from a design perspective, and very informative.  It explained the importance of type font in design and the placement and movement of the type itself.  Also the various places that type is used other than advertising such as street signs, door labels etc.  The movie also touched on the business and people behind designing the fonts themselves.  All documentary aside, and the following yawns and drifting of thought that often accompany them, not too bad.

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  1. I think I missed the part where Helvetica was likened to the Vietnam war. Wow!