Thursday, January 6, 2011


At first I thought "a blog for a design class...I don't see what that has to do with this class."  And I was not the only one.  Why all the writing?  But then I got to thinking about what the class is and what a blog is.  How two dimensional the layout is and how someone designs one. I get the feeling there's something here, but I just can't put my finger on it...

Oh well, I'm probably wrong anyway.  Might as well just do the assignment and get the grade huh?  It's been a while since I had to write for a class, so please bear with me.  Bear?  Bare?  I don't know… I am here for graphic design in print and on the web, so what the heck why not.

Welcome to my blog's first post! XD


Take the OCEAN Personality Quiz, then write an intro describing your “work personality” using the results.

 Here's my results

O 59:  Totally agree, which is unfortunate for an artist, being uncreative.  A lot of my work may be influenced but I’m not a total lost cause, I have the random idea now and then.  I just need to find my muse I suppose.  I have been described as down to earth by more than one of my friends, and like to think my head isn’t off in the clouds too often.  That little toe creeping over to the higher end on this score must be my curiosity in numerous areas of life and the complexity that is Woman.  Hear me roar!!!

C 46:  I like that I am fairly balanced in this category.  For the most part I am an organized, dependable person but I can be a bit of a spacecase at times.  If you were to walk into my room all you would see is chaos, but I know exactly where I put everything.  In each of the desk jobs that I have held, my desk and computer files were neat and orderly even to the outside observer.  It all depends on the place and situation.

E 9:  Me to a T, for most of the people that meet me, but another that varies depending on place and situation.  I don’t chatter constantly, but if I have something to say I will.  Although I am not quite so severely introverted as most people seem to see.  I love being around large groups of people as I get more comfortable with the individuals.

A 63:  I am a good natured person, sympathetic, forgiving…courteous even.  I think my sarcasm (you guys have met I'm sure) could be counted in the harsh, rude, callous and critical side of this which loves to come out often and tries to get me in trouble.  Its all in good fun, I swear and I probably didn't mean it.

N 9:  Definitely a calm, relaxed person.  And secure; I am a person my friends can count on.  When I'm not being a spacecadet as previously mentioned.

Is that Intro enough for you?



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  2. Mr. Angry Salad. I do believe you are artistic!!

    I think our whole class almost scored the same on the openness thing.

    This is an interesting article on that facet of the test:

  3. I felt the same way about the whole blogging thing. I couldn't see the connection between the two. Considering this is the fist time I've ever commented on any blog, I'm pretty proud I figured it out. Now if I can figure out what a twitter is?

    BTW, nice mad salad

  4. OK, your scores are like way above mine i don't think i broke 50. i feel the same on the N part though my friends don't rely on me.(no idea why not) i have the same thing with neatness my room is a disaster where as my files are organized for the most part.
    I'm Cattears... Mr. Cattears

  5. I never thought of the blog that way! I was wondering what it had to do with art class as well...that makes alot more sense!